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Can I recover graded survey results?

Question asked by Kelly Doyle on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

I was trying to create an extra credit quiz for my class.  I found information on the Canvas message boards that said I could do this by creating a quiz and later changing it to a graded survey.  I spent about six hours grading the quizzes (providing individualized feedback to every student).  When I was finished, I changed it to a graded survey, hoping to grade it out of zero points.  Once I took this step, the gradebook wouldn't allow me to update the grades, so the permanent grey Q remained on all of the graded quizzes.


Luckily, I downloaded the gradebook before this step so I didn't lose the grades.  I uploaded the grades as a separate column, which was a really ugly solution.  Then I was worried that the gradebook may accidentally miscalculate something, so I decided to change the graded survey to an ungraded survey.


Well...that final step simply deleted all of the quiz submissions, the grades, the six hours of feedback, and the remainder of my sanity.  Is there any way to recover this data??