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Group submission not showing up for all students in group

Question asked by on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Linda J. Lee

Hi all,


I have sent this to the tech folks at my university but am also asking here:


In this course students are to be working in groups to talk about three themes. There are a few activities associated with each theme but they are all group activities. Students were assigned to groups in August and have been working together since.


Yesterday I received an email from a student stating the following:

We are part of group 2 in Dr. X's class. Hannah, a fellow group member, submitted the two assignments on Carmen yesterday afternoon but for some reason, they do not show up as submitted in fellow group member’s Carmen sites. Last night, we emailed copies of the assignments ("1 Page Abstract.doc" and "Chemical Candidate Justification.doc") to the TA as a backup. Can you help us with this problem of the assignments not showing as submitted? Joshua



My first step was to check that they are in the same Group. (Group 2) - they are


Step two, confirm that the assignments are Group Assignments and that they are assigned to the Group set that they are in. Check and Check. is where it gets super weird - when I go into Group 2 Home page, files and then look at the Submission folder those two documents are not there. BUT..when I look at Speedgrader, go to the assignment and hit Hannah's name I see the document (named above). What the what?!


Lastly, other students in the group are unable to confirm the assignment was submitted. I sent them these instructions (because they are on mobile devices):


How do I verify my Assignments were submitted in the Canvas app on my iOS device?


How do I verify my Assignments were submitted in the Canvas app on my Android device?


As well as instructions on how to view group submissions -


Joshua, and other members of Group 2 see nothing.