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Why is "down-voting" permitted?

Discussion created by Cliff Cunningham on Nov 18, 2016
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I understand that Canvas solicits input from its user base, on which enhancement suggestions (or "Ideas") are most important, by use of the "up-vote".


That's what the "up-voting" is all about: if you like an idea, vote it up, to put it on the radar for future development.

But, what's the rationale with allowing ideas to be "down-voted"?


It's kind of annoying to see 223 people have up-voted the topic "assignment weighting in assignment groups" (assignment weighting in assignment groups


... but, 20 people have down-voted the topic, to reduce the overall score for the idea to 203.


Are "down-voters" required to provide a justification? Or, can they just down-vote something because they would rather promote their own pet idea... and, they see their own pet idea isn't garnering enough support... so they go over and reduce the score on a competing idea...?


Unless an idea can be demonstrated to actually conflict with another idea, I don't see the value in allowing the down-votes to impact the overall scoring of an idea. If I see an idea, and I don't regard it as important, I just don't vote for it.


Thoughts? Am I missing something?