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Is there a way to prevent conflicting versions of a page from overwriting each other when saving at approximately the same time?

Question asked by RACHEL SIMONS on Nov 22, 2016
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For a recent assignment, I had all of the students in my course contribute to a shared "wiki" of information and resources. I did this by creating a page in Canvas and giving them access to edit it. I created section headings for each group to indicate where their required sections of content should go, and the students were supposed to fill the page between those headings.


Several of the students notified me (with alarm) that their content was disappearing from the page after it had been saved. I looked at the revision history, and sure enough, I can see entire sections of content that simply disappears in the next version or even a few versions later. As far as I can tell, most of the time when the content disappeared, the student editor who saved the "new" version was working on a different section of the page--I have no reason to believe that students would be intentionally deleting other areas on the page. (I should clarify, too, and add that the "disappearing" content did not include my section headings, only the content added later between them.)


Of course, the students were primarily trying to make their edits all within the last 2-3 hours before the assignment deadline. However, the students were split into groups to contribute to different sections of the page, so not ALL of them were trying to add content at the same time, probably only 1 or 2 from each group at the same time (so between 5-10 at MOST, and probably really only 2 or 3).


Does this issue have to do with a student who started on a previous version of the page saving their changes AFTER the other students have added their content and saved it? Is there any way to get around this issue (like, to merge changes between different versions)? Alternatively, does anyone have any recommendations of a good wiki service to integrate into Canvas? (I know that there are some.)


Thank you!