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Problems with "Multiple Dropdown" question type

Question asked by Cliff Cunningham on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by Kenneth Rogers

Has anyone experienced a weird corruption in a quiz that causes the optional responses in a "multiple dropdown" question type to automatically, and spasmodically, replicate themselves?


My case:

  1. I create a quiz
  2. I create a question, with the type "multiple dropdown"
  3. I do the thing with the square-brackets ([ ]), to sandwich a word...
  4. ... which causes that word to become an entry in the parameters of the question.
  5. I provide three possible options for that dropdown word
  6. Somehow... over time?... because of a error in quitting and saving, or not saving?... different browser, or version?... when I come back into that question later, to edit... that square-bracketed word now has six possible options. The original three options (which I entered) have replicated themselves. When I quit out, and come back in again... now, it's nine!
  7. One of my square-bracketed words began with only two options ("dominant" or "recessive"). Now, those two responses have replicated so many times... they each show up over 50 times in the list.


Canvas Admin have determined that the quiz "has become corrupt". And, the best solution is to recreate the quiz.


Although effective, that's a soulless solution for a frustrated faculty member.


Has anyone else encountered this? Do we have any idea how the corruption occurs? Does Canvas Development know about it? Anyway to build in some safe-guarding code, to clean out this kind of corruption when it arises?


(The faculty member isn't interested in using this question type again because of this perceived failing. And, the faculty member is talking to other faculty members about her experience.)


Thx for anything.