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Thumbnail - click to enlarge image

Question asked by Melissa Wetherby on Nov 28, 2016
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I am trying to create a resource (page) in Canvas. I have quite a few screen shots that I would like to include, but the images need to be fairly large to include the detail. When I would do this in Moodle, I would create a thumbnail image, and then link this to a full size image that would open in a pop-up window. I cannot seem to recreate this in Canvas. When I try to link to the larger image (in my course files) rather than open the image, it downloads it. I have tried both jpg  and png with the same result. I can link it to another page with the full size image - but then I have to include navigation back to the original page - and that just seems to be a lot of clicks.


Can I have a link that opens a png file in a pop up window?