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Comments to a Group in Speedgrader are disappearing

Question asked by Morgan.Admin on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Morgan.Admin

I'm an instructional designer and received the following question from a faculty:  "how can I view comments that I entered in Speedgrader for an assignment in Canvas?" He states that after he clicks “Submit”, the comment disappears and he can’t figure out how to view it.



Here are some additional pieces of information:  Students are permitted (but not required) to join a group and submit one file per group.


When students forgot to sign up for a group, but still indicated on the file who the group members were, I am giving the same grade to all group members and indicating in the Speedgrader comment who has the file with my grading comments.


After confirming that the student does, indeed, see the comment (I masqueraded as student to confirm this), I'm curious as to why it disappeared in the Speedgrader comments area.