Andrew Starnes

Contact Information/ Contact Log

Discussion created by Andrew Starnes on Dec 1, 2016

Hello Canvas folks! I want to start by saying that I do understand there are third party vendors that offer many analytical details to track student progress and communication. I am interested to know if Canvas would ever consider building in a contact log or even more robust user account details page. One of the biggest pains is keeping track up of contact information and made contacts using an outside source. This is usually google sheets for me now. I think it would be nice for students to be able to fill out current phone numbers and email addresses for parents on the user account detail page.

I think it would be awesome if Canvas had a feature that allowed for a contact log built into the course tied to each students name. There fore admins would be able to see contacts made with students guardians etc.


I may be missing something if these features already exist. I wanted to get some feedback from the community. Thanks for any ideas you may have.