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Dont's in Canvas?

Question asked by Joe Montuori on Dec 1, 2016
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An administrator in my K-12 district just asked me a great question -- and I need your help answering it!


Question: Is there anything that one should NOT do in designing and developing a Canvas course? 


Some Considerations:

  1. The instructor is developing this "in-service learning" course for adults (faculty)
  2. This will be the instructor's first Canvas course (or LMS course of any kind).
  3. The course instructor has (mostly) completed our online instructor training course.
  4. The course will be blended: about 2/3 face-to-face, 1/3 online.
  5. Many of these teachers have no familiarity with Canvas, but others have some. (We've only rolled out Canvas to our 9-12 high school so far).
  6. The instructor hopes to maximize student-to-student online collaboration.