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Home Page showing Course Name instead of the FrontPage's Page Name

Question asked by Julie Moeller on Nov 30, 2016
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  1. The instructor did a Moodle Conversion and import into the classroom
  2. He assigned a page to be the Front Page
  3. Assigned a home page to be Front Page


Regardless of whether we publish the class or not.  The place where it should display the Home Page's Page Name, it displays the Course Name (Not the Course Code).   I've poked and prodded to no avail, here is a screen shot of his home page:


Logan Page.JPG

When you click the edit next to it.  It shows proper page title in that field on the edit page screen.   Save that and it drops you back into pages area, where you do see the proper page title.  But if you click home button again - you are back to the screenshot above.   Any ideas?