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Assignments marked as Done for all members of a group at once?

Question asked by Ben Gabriel on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by Ben Gabriel

I've created an Assignment that is Complete/Incomplete for the grade and No Submission. It is a Group Assignment.


Essentially, the students are responsible for simply clicking the 'Mark as done' button when they have completed the assignment.


I was hoping that if 1 member of the group clicked 'Mark as done', that other members would see the Green check mark for that assignment signifying that it is done.


This does not happen. It appears that each member of the group must click 'Mark as done' individually for the group assignment.


So... as this is a group assignment and once someone marks it done, it is done for everyone in the group... am I missing a way for Canvas to mark assignments as done for the rest of the students in the group?