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May I eliminate the TOTAL GRADE and disply just the  COMPLETED average?

Question asked by Ross Mann on Dec 2, 2016
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           In my first semester using Canvas,  I've found that the TOTAL GRADE calculation offers nothing but confusion for students.  Once Assignments are published, they are automatically graded as a %0, reducing the student's TOTAL GRADE before they have even submitted their work.


       I'm very please that the COMPLETED GRADE average has been implemented so the displayed average is a student's CURRENT average.    Is there any means of eliminating the TOTAL GRADE altogether and displaying just the COMPLETED GRADE average?    I do not wish to prevent displaying final grades altogether,   but I hope to ONLY present the COMPLETED grade - the current grade for the student's work thus far.


          Thanks very much,


Ross Mann

Lecturer in Music    

Penn State Univ - Abington