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E-mail Notifications

Question asked by Champion on Apr 21, 2015
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So here's a question...  when I get e-mail notifications from Jive about certain things that people have done in the Community (replied, marked as helpful, etc.), those e-mails display as coming from, I think, the person's user name?  For example, in my e-mail inbox, whenever Kona Jones does something, it always shows as "kona" in my Inbox.  But other people have what appears to be their login ID (example: jdoe) or an ID number that has been assigned to them.


Is this true for others, too?  Part of me would rather see the person's full name listed when it comes across in my e-mail, but the other part of me wants to keep things "as is" because I know these e-mails are coming from the new 2.0 Community.