Activity Log - Submit Assignment Button

Discussion created by on Dec 2, 2016

Does Instructure store Canvas logs for all user activity? I’m looking specifically for the following –

On an assignment page, is there a log of when the user clicked on the “Submit Assignment” button? If so, is this in the Canvas Data Portal?


I’m not referring to the first time a user clicks on the “Submit Assignment” button.  I’m referring to the “Submit Assignment” button the user clicks on after they’ve chosen a file to upload (see screen shot below).   I’d also like to know if there is a log of when the student clicked on the “Choose File” button.

submit assignment button.jpg

I can look at the user’s Page Views to see when they loaded the assignment page, but the Page Views’ log doesn’t show any other activity that occurs on the assignments page.


Can any of you guess why I’m asking this?  You guessed it, a student is complaining that they couldn’t submit their assignment.  I need to gather data so an instructor can determine if they will allow a student’s late assignment submission.  This is what I think happened:

  1. An assignment was “Available until” Nov. 20 at 11:59 PM and the student opened the assignment page on Nov. 20 at 11:50 PM.  The “Submit Assignment” button was displayed since it was before the close date.
  2. The student clicked on the “Submit Assignment” button, clicked on the “Choose File” button and navigated to a file on their computer.
  3. The student clicked the “Submit Assignment” button.
  4. The student got an error message, “Submit Failed, please try again” (see screen shot below). This message was displayed because when the student submitted on the “Submit Assignment” button, the available until date had passed (after Nov. 20 11:59 p.m.). 

submit failed.jpg

The student asked if there was a clock on a Canvas page anywhere and how they would know if their computer’s time was the same as Canvas’. I asked Canvas help support and they said they go by UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).


It would be nice if after the student chose a file, the “Submit Assignment” button was not available after the assignment close date. Is there a feature idea about this already? Thanks for listening everyone.