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File Size Limit for File upload question in Quizzes

Question asked by Nancy O'Laughlin on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by Erin Hallmark

I have a faculty member who wants to know if there is a specific limit regarding students uploading a file or a zipped file when more than one file is needed to a quiz question?


I have seen all sorts of references to this information:


  • 2GB limit on individual files uploaded to Canvas
  • 500MB limit for files created using the media tool in Canvas (again perhaps larger...)
  • File storage consists of all files in course files and assignment submissions for that course quota
  • By default, each user has 50 MB of personal storage space in Canvas
  • Files uploaded to your course will not count towards your personal file quota


I understand that each university may set their own limits.


One of the links in a posting refers to Official Documentation and the link redirects you to "How do I view course files as an instructor? This does not answer this question. The instructor needs to be able to find information on what the student can or cannot do. Students also need to be able to easily find this information. I have searched and I cannot find the "official documentation".


Can you please share where you clearly articulate what the default limitations are for file uploads (anywhere in Canvas: assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc.) from both the Instructor and student perspective?

Also please clear up any confusion about whether or not Files uploaded to your course will or will not count towards your personal file quota.