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Moving content from blackboard 9.1 to canvas

Question asked by James Turner on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by Kenneth Rogers


We are new to all this, but we're really excited to be here. Any help would be great.

I know you guys have touched on this a couple of times before, but i want to get specific.


We are moving from Bb9.1. In an ideal world we would just like to leave all that old content behind and start again, but we have Bb 'baggage' that academic staff don't want to leave behind.


We are just experimenting at the moment to get the most efficient way to get 5000 modules from Bb into C. So first of this has to be done at scale and not by hand. The common course cartridge creates a nasty html mashup by the time it arrives in C. Is this the way we are doing it or is there something we are missing. See below.


We don't want staff to have this as their initial canvas experience. Export .zip function when it arrives in C is a thing of beauty. The only problem is doing this at scale. we have been looking at the Canvas API and searching github for blackboard exporters. Has anyone got experience of this that could sooth my weary brow and make the pain go away!