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The Canvas Community - a summary response

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John Morris, wow! You've done a great job breaking everything down and I'll try to confirm what I can and refer to others when we need more advanced support!


  • Zendesk - my understanding is that it is the software used to manage Canvas Help Tickets and is going away and will be replaced by something else in the near future.
  • Canvas Help Center - I think is just the old community which is being replaced by Jive - Community 2.0
  • CanvasLive - yep, these are webinars put on by Instructure
  • Canvas Guidebooks - aka Canvas Guides - these are all the guides for how to use Canvas. Not sure about the places, but the content are the guides. These are the same as the old community guides, just organized a bit differently.
  • Canvas Community - The "community" for this specific link is just where you go to search for answers and includes the Canvas Guides as well as a place to ask questions, look at answered questions, product release notes, or find a group of like minded people. Looking at this page I can see why you might be getting confused. This page is a conglomerate of lots of different things that also have their own specific area - like Guides, Groups, Product Release notes. Basically they took everything that could be used to find answers and put it on this page. Also, sometimes when people talk about the new "community" what they really mean is Jive and everything on Jive, not this specific Canvas Community page.
  • Canvas ??? - this isn't Canvas Network - not sure what Instructure people call this, but it's where they (Instructure) host different courses like Jared's awesome workshop Badges for Learning. Actually the more I looked at the courses I had listed here it looks like this might be the free Canvas site - basically a place anyone can build a course and use Canvas for free. Jared can you confirm this?
  • Canvas Network  - there is only one Canvas Network and it is for MOOC's (massive open online courses), not webinars. Most are free, but some are paid. In general they are done by lots of different Institutions, not directly by Instructure.
  • Profile page - your profile page/information is for all of Jive - this includes, but limited to: Guides, Groups, Live, Feature Requests, Product Release Notes, Questions, and much much more. Inbox can include private messages back and forth between you and other people (like your Canvas inbox) or it can include anything you've chosen to "Follow" - when you choose to follow something you decide where you want it to go. One option is your inbox - if you do it this way it basically provides you with a notice everything something happens in the group/place/content item you are following. If you choose to follow it on your connection stream then it's kind of like Facebook - updates are shown and you can scroll through them. Everyone is different in how they want to view their updates so it's really up to you to play around and see what works best for you. For me, I actually like having it go to my inbox because that way I can easily see what happened while I was away and what I've viewed and haven't viewed. For others this is overwhelming and they prefer the connection stream. You can also differentiate your notifications into different streams if you want, but that's a little more advanced.
  • Canvas Feature Ideas - this is part of Jive (new community) but was also part of the old community. And yes, this is where you can add your own feature ideas or vote/comment on those others have added. Right now there aren't any feature requests that are up for vote, which is why you cant vote yet. The process actually isn't too bad. Go to the The specified item was not found. page and look at the colored arrows going left to right. This is the process (read the print under each arrow) and probably the easiest way to understand it. Right now everything in the Feature requests is either in the "new" (aka phase 1) or "ready for next voting period" (aka phase 1.5). Voting won't start until May 5th on the features in phase 1.5.
  • Jing - this is an amazing software that has nothing to do with Canvas other than some of the Help ticket people recommend to use it to capture a screen shot or take a video of the problem. We use it a lot in our office to do screen capture "how to" videos for faculty and students.
  • Jive - yep, you nailed this one! It's the software platform the new community uses.


Wow! So that is a lot! I'm pretty sure I got everything correct and hopefully if not others will chime in and correct me!