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Grades Missing and then Reappearing

Discussion created by Valerie Rake on Dec 6, 2016
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I have a sanity-check sort of question. I have an instructor who reports that he entered some scores from an in-class assignment directly into his Canvas gradebook; the scores disappeared, but then they returned. I'm wondering if anyone else has any experience with this kind of thing.  (Remember, I said this was a sanity-check question! Stick with me.)


He is working with 2 courses.  Both are large and have multiple sections. There are multiple instructors in the course.


He was entering scores for only some sections.  He reports that he entered scores for 1 section in each of the 2 courses.  Eleven days later, he went back to one of the courses to find that the scores for that assignment were blank.  Because the course is large, the grade log in the course is not useful (Grrr!), so he contacted us to check the log available from the sub-account.  We spent a lot of time cross-checking and did not find any scores that had been entered and then removed. This seems to eliminate one of the other instructors removing the scores as the cause of the problem.


We reported back that we could see no evidence of scores having been entered and removed, which did not make him happy.  Yesterday, he contacted us again to stay that he returned to the course to re-enter the data (having re-collected the paper quizzes from the students) and found that the missing scores had re-appeared.


The obvious answer here, of course, is user-error.  In our old LMS (D2L), the explanation would most likely have been that he forgot to click Save after completing the data entry; that source of error is not applicable in the Canvas gradebook. The other obvious answer is that when he looked the second time, he was looking at a different section and so did not see what he was looking for.


Is there any other explanation that - as a new Admin for Canvas - I don't know to think about?


There are a couple of discussions in the community ( and that mention grades going missing, but the use-cases are not similar.  


Thank you for any insight you might have.