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Multiple brief quizzes to a single grade?

Question asked by Jason Paddock on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Jason Paddock

I have a teacher that would like to use the Canvas quiz tool (in particular, the numerical answer items) to do daily quizzes at the start of class: quizzes that would be worth a few points each.


However, he does not want that many individual grades in the gradebook. Instead, he'd like to have a single grade that reflects a term's worth of those starter quizzes.


We know you can make quizzes ungraded, but is there any way to link a block of these ungraded quizzes to compile a single score other than manually adding them up?


I was thinking about suggesting using Google Forms and connecting multiple Google Forms to the same spreadsheet, but Google Forms does not appear to allow for margins of error. (Hypothetically, all of the quizzes could go to the single workbook, and then a final sheet could tally scores from the same column in all of the other sheets in the workbook.)


I don't think there's a great solution for this to make it all automated, but just wondering if somebody has something they do to make this work.


Thanks in advance!