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Is it possible to bulk download of quiz results, for all students and all attempts?

Question asked by Daniel Folkinshteyn on Dec 6, 2016
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I wonder if it is possible to bulk-download quiz results for all students and all attempts, for multiple-attempt quizzes? On Blackboard, it is possible to select 'download results' and then get results for all students and all attempts, so I get a CSV file with columns of "student id" "question id" "auto score" "manual score". Is something like this possible with Canvas?


The reason I ask is that my quizzes consist of formula questions, with varying input numbers, and I don't want to force students to redo problems all over if they got a problem correct the first time around. Bulk download allows me to get the results and then 'mesh' multiple attempts together into a best attempt (so e.g., if on a 3 question quiz student answered 1 and 2 correctly on the first attempt, and then 3 on the second attempt, he gets credit for getting all of them correct.)


So I guess, if canvas allows automatic grade meshing, that would be great also! But I know that it doesn't. So next best thing is to grab the raw data and mesh the grades myself for upload.


Would appreciate thoughts, how-tos, etc!

Thank you,