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Standards-based Grading and Quizzes

Question asked by Scott Snyder on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2018 by Suzanne Satterfield

I have been trying to find a way of using standards-based grading with Canvas in a way where Canvas automatically populates the standards based on student responses to tests and quizzes. I have found questions about this issue (see below as an example), but no answer. I don't want to do percentage grading. I want letter grades to be based on the extent and nature of standards achieved...and I want Canvas to do the work. I understand how this works with rubrics. I want to know how to make it work with tests/quizzes. Each item on my test reflects a standard. The profile of responses to those items inform me about the extent to which the student has mastered the standard. I don't see a path for getting what I want right now. While I am in higher ed, I know this same issue exists for K-12 faculty doing standards based grading.   I want standards-based grading to be more accessible to K-12 teachers and higher ed faculty. For that to happen, there can't be 5 additional steps (like there are now). Faculty will default to the point or percentage grading system with its inherent problems.


"...if a student takes a 10 question quiz... 5 questions are aligned to standard #1 and 5 questions are aligned to standard #2, it would awesome if you could pull-up a page that quickly tells you how that student performed across the two standards on the quiz.  Currently, you have to dig pretty deep into the learning mastery gradebook to gather this information from the course/teacher level"