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Special Language Characters for RCE

Discussion created by Nancy Webb on Dec 13, 2016
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Foreign Language instructors need their students to easily add accented characters or letters from another alphabet in the Canvas editor


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Most other CMS's provide an editor with a way to enter special characters.  Please vote for this existing Canvas idea to add the feature to the Rich Content Editor.  It is currently (12/13/16)  in product radar with 130 votes, and more votes and comments could help it get into design and production in a way that will work for us.  CCC has a lot of instructors who feel this is essential for language classes, and if we add our voices many California students will benefit. Students lose points if they do not use the correct accents on assignments (discussions, quizzes, assignments), and it is daunting for beginning students to have to set up any device they work on to use a different keyboard through operating system settings. Instructors will also benefit with an easier way to create content and communicate with students.


Special language character panel/chart integration for Rich Content Editor


Currently students must copy and paste characters from another source, or do esoteric things on their own operating system to be able to write in Spanish, French and other languages. If they use a smart phone or library computer it might not even be possible.


How will this idea benefit CCC users?

  • Students (and teachers) will be able to use any operating system, computer or device to write in other languages because it will be a built in functionality.
  • There are many foreign language classes with thousands of students in the CCC who will benefit.
  • It will encourage new language students to stay enrolled, without a layer of technical difficulty preventing success.
  • Instructors won't have to support students on many different platforms.