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How do I associate a grade with the Canvas calculated total?

Question asked by Michelle Pilati Corselli on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by Michelle Pilati Corselli

I don't need to "weight" anything to get Canvas to report the correct final total for my classes (this is, of course, after having to determine how many low scores to drop instead of high courses to keep - which is stupid - and having to assign a 0 point value to all extra credit work - also stupid). Now I have the correct total front and center in the Gradebook, but I see no way to attach a grade to it - and I have already heard from my faculty that are infuriated by their inability to simply input a letter grade.


While I have clearly explained that a 90% and up is an A, it would be nice to show that grade in order to calm the students that can't quite believe it. Or to shock those with a less then 60% into reality...





I know I can create a new assignment and make it happen that way, but I really should not have to. Right?