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Other schools experiencing delayed notifications for items set to "Notify me right away"?

Question asked by Bridget Irish on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by Bridget Irish

We have a ticket in with Canvas Support re: one of our faculty sent a message to the class (75 students) via Canvas Conversations at 10:28 AM, with box checked to "Send an individual message to each recipient" (waiting to hear from CS if/what difference that may make), and Canvas Notification emails were not delivered/received until over 4 hours later.


We're wondering if any other schools have experienced this, please.


I'm familiar with the Canvas Notifications PDF and that "Notifications set to Send Right Away may be delayed by one hour" but this delay was over four hours.


And what/where is the "Send Right Away" notification setting? Is it supposed to be the same as "Notify me right away"? Or is this setting at the Admin level?


Also, we're hoping Canvas might consider including the info about the possible hour delay at the user Notification Preferences page, rather than buried in a PDF that's linked to from the "How do I set my Canvas notifications preferences?" guide.


Thanks so much for your time and help with this.



Bridget Irish


Curricular Technology Support

The Evergreen State College