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Exclude columns from final grade calculation

Question asked by Russell Nolan on Dec 15, 2016
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I have searched as much as I can, and haven't found the exact answer I need. I see there is a way to exclude 'assignments' from the total grade column. I also see there is a way to make a quiz a 'practice' quiz, but I don't see that there is a way to exclude graded discussions and graded quizzes from the total column.


Basically, why doesn't every column in the grade book have the option to 'exclude from final grade calculations'? Or why can't I select which columns are factored into the total grade column?


My specific example is that I created graded discussions, quizzes, and assignments at the beginning of the semester, and I decided to change how I grade these assignments. I could just delete these assignments to fix the problem, but I would like for students to still see their grades in case there are any questions regarding their grade.