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Question asked by Cullen Bostock on Dec 16, 2016

I'm looking to analyze response rates for our instructors using data available through the API but am having trouble given the information that is accessible. For example, I was able to write a simple python code that loops through each of our courses' "Questions/Comments for the Instructor" discussion forums and returns a value which represents how long the instructor took to respond to individual student inquiries. This code was fairly easy to produce given I had access to each forum, post, and reply via the Discussion Topics API. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing the same level of details available in the Conversation API.


I did notice that in the flat files available through the Canvas Data Portal, the "conversation_message_dim" table had a lot of what I would need (e.g. author_id, created_at, etc.). However, the scope of my report is only a fraction of our instance and it would require a lot of manual work to sift through the large amount of data in the flat files.  


Has anyone had success in retrieving a log of messages for a given conversation from the API? Is the information provided in the conversation_message_dim flat file accessible through somewhere in the APIs? I'm pretty new to report writing and APIs so there is a good chance I'm missing something here. 


I appreciate any help I can get on this and am happy to provide more detail if necessary.