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Muting by Assignment Group

Question asked by Matthew Boyle on Dec 21, 2016

Is it possible to mute an entire assignment group with just one click? Right now, it seems like if an instructor wants to mute 4 - 5 assignments within a single group for grading, they have to mute them all individually.


For instance, if an instructor has an assignment group devoted to a final essay project, they might have 4 - 6 scaffolded assignments involved in the final grade -- e.g. 1) Topic selection, 2) outline, 3) rough draft, 4) annotated bibliography, 5) peer review, and 6) final copy. It seems a little painstaking for them to go into each individual assignment to mute them while inputting grades.


Of course, I know that the purpose of scaffolding grades involves timely feedback, so ideally the instructor would be providing grades for each new step in this process. I agree that it's not the best option to input all their grades at one time. Just the same, I thought I'd ask if anything related to this type of functionality exists.