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Individualized Start Dates and Due Dates

Question asked by Matt Hagen on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Matt Hagen

Some schools allow students (1) to start programs of study on individualized start dates, and (2) to pursue these programs full-time or part-time. Acme Career School (fictitious), for example, offers an 800-hour Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) program consisting of 8 x 100-hour courses where each course includes 10 assignments. Students can start the CMA program on the first or third Monday of any month, and they can pursue the program at a rate of 24 or 12 hours per week. The program is organized so that students can interact with other students in various ways, but each student has an individualized set of due dates for the 80 assignments in the program, dates that can change due to student leaves of absence. Thankfully, Canvas accommodates individualized due dates, but Canvas does not deal with this scenario at scale. Consider these use cases:

  1. A teacher automatically generates and populates a set of individualized due dates for a new CMA student.
  2. A teacher automatically adjusts these due dates due to leaves of absence, etc.
  3. A student views individualized due dates for all courses in the CMA program.

I am exploring solutions to these use cases. Do you have similar use cases? What solutions have you tried? Thanks.