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Mysterious Access Requests

Question asked by Victoria Maloy on Dec 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Victoria Maloy

Hello and happy holidays!


  I worked with the Office365 integration a lot this past week, flipping the switches & pressing the buttons, as it were.  Then late Friday afternoon, my fellow team member received an e-mail from someone at a different institution requesting access to one of our test files. 

  As we were working in a private course, this immediately brings a flurry of questions up.  This external person helpfully supplied us with information - including the fact that he could edit documents in a second testing site, without actively being given access by the course instructor (me).

  I checked my Office365 access requests (https://[my institution info here]/Access%20Requests/pendingreq.aspx) and found nearly a dozen external user invitations, with the permission "contribute" sent out, to people that I do not know.

This is extremely strange, does anyone else have something similar to report, or is there an Office365 expert that can shed some light on this situation? I am not an Office365 expert by ANY stretch of the imagination, so perhaps I left a virtual door open without knowing it.


I won't be in the office until 2017, but I would be extremely glad to know if anyone else has this issue, or a solution for me.


Thank you,