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Post Grades to PowerTeacher issues

Question asked by Bill Chandler on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by Renee Carney

I have a quiz that I posted to powerschool or powerteacher.  I deleted it by accident from powerschool (but not canvas) because I was learning how canvas pushes grades into powerschool.  Anyways I can't get them to post ever again even after I click on post grades from the canvas grade book.


I also noticed that if I changed the weighting of the assignment in powerschool, canvas no longer pushes the grade over.    Is this typical or are my district settings having issues?  In the pdf file below it said it would but it doesn't.


I tried to export grades to csv, but powerteacher will only import grades if the 9 digit school id is in the csv file.  So how do I  get 9 digit id's to be in the csv export.  I am very familiar with using csv importing into powerteacher because I do it all the time from google forms.  Am I really having to create an excel macro using vlook up add the 9 digit id's?


The one pdf document was great but not quite specific enough.  Is this a canvas thing or is this the Cache county district setup error in their system.  The cache county powerschool website and gradebook just crashed minutes ago.  I don't think my simple canvas importing could have caused the whole district powerschool to go offline.


Thanks for all of you help.  I am really liking canvas, and I am one of the first teachers in the cache district to be using canvas.  I really like the formula questions.  They are so powerful.  I give my students unlimited chances, because there is no way they can cheat since I recalculate variables every time they do the physics problem.  They really do have to know the process to solve the problem.  I have always wanted a way to accept a range of answers like +- .1 from the true value.  It is so nice.