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O365 Sharing settings? (perhaps?)

Question asked by Adrienne Gauthier on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Adrienne Gauthier

I'm having some issues getting things to work. Can someone share what the default sharing settings are in their O365 instance? This way I can have a more effective and efficient conversation with our O365 admins.


Here are the oddities (and yes, I will submit a ticket)


1) Cloud Assignment --- gives error when clicking 'Attach File'



2) However, one can use the Rich Content Editor and link in an O365 document just fine. Further, student user can view and access the document!  Wondering if my theory of 'sharing settings are too stringent' for the Cloud Assignment error isn't the way to think.


3) Students cannot submit an O365 file in an Assignment. Can select file and click Attach File. It spins for a second like it really really wants to work, and then nothing happens.  The browser web console shows the event as, “Unhandled rejection error”




Any ideas? I'm thinking it's something in the O365 settings. I'm not finding much documentation on the sharing settings in O365 that will make this work or prevent it from working.


thanks all!