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Best Way to Manage Past Assignments/Quizzes

Discussion created by Mr. Knight on Jan 2, 2017
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I am writing from a high school context where the teachers who are using Canvas well are amassing a great number of assignments, quizzes and pages. We are moving from semester to semester and we would like a bit of a "fresh start" for the second half of the year.


We have a semester's worth of assignments, quizzes, and pages that are not going to be accessed almost at all during the second half of the year. At this point they are simply creating much longer lists that have to hunted through when looking for recent assignments/quizzes/pages. This is especially true in the list of assignments on the Syllabus page – you have to scroll through five months of work to get to the most recent assignments (a list that stacks up with the most recent assignments at the top would be much better, but I digress).


At the same time we don't necessarily want to delete these assignments/quizzes/pages for record-keeping reasons and they cannot be unpublished because there are grades associated with the assignments.


What have you found is the best way to manage the mounting mass of assignments etc. so as to keep the newest stuff uncluttered and easier to find?