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REST API Required Request Parameters

Question asked by Kurt Faulknerloser on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by Peter Love

I've recently begun to work with the Canvas REST API and wanted to know if there is a list somewhere that tells you which parameters are required & which are optional for REST requests?  For instance, according to the API, the request to create a Course uses 28 parameters.  However, it doesn't look like all of the parameters are strictly required.  In fact, the description for the very first parameter listed - course[name] - states that it can be omitted.


For that matter, is there a comprehensive list that describes ALL of the parameters available for the underlying objects?  That is, if you look at the REST request to create a new Course, one of the parameters listed is  course[allow_student_wiki_edits].  This parameter is not listed under "A Course object looks like:".  Conversely, the field course[allow_student_assignment_edits] is listed under "A Course object looks like:".  However, there is no Course request provided that uses this parameter.


Thank you.