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Selective hiding of Commons links

Question asked by Expert on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by awilliams

We enabled Commons on our account and within a week an inquisitive instructor clicked the Import from Commons button on the course home page and managed to import a variety of content which included French language learning objects.   Unfortunately, this course was very 'borked' and we had to rebuild it.  Oh the joy!  We were lucky the term hadn't yet begun.


We've now hidden the Commons buttons (via CSS) on the Home and Settings pages for a major subaccount, however the Commons button remains on the left menu for all to see.  We tried adding CSS code to hide the Commons button from the left menu but it will only work when faculty are viewing a course from the subaccount in the main frame.  The CSS code will not work when other tools on the left menu are viewed (Dashboard, Calendar, etc.) and the Commons button then becomes visible.


Tips and suggestions are welcome. 


ps.  Bien que j'adore les cours de langue étrangère, nous ne souhaitons pas avoir ces injecté dans le programme d'affaires diplômé.