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Scrolling Text Box for Marking and Coding Reading Quizzes

Question asked by TONYA MERCER Expert on Jan 4, 2017
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I have been charged with the task of creating required grade level township assessments onto Canvas.  These assessments have a large amount of text that students are to find answers in.  We call it marking and coding.  They will underline where they find the answer in the text and put a # for the ? it answered at least in the paper format we are using now.  I would love if they could underline in the text on Canvas.  The stories are quite lengthy.  They are in PDF form and I'm afraid I will have to retype all the text.  They will use the text in every question so I would need it to reappear each time.  Is there a way in quizzes to get text in a scroll down box and a quiz question?  NWEA does something like this in their tests and it would be good to mimic that. Obviously, would like to use SpeedGrader.   Also, would there be a way that they could underline in said text box?  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  This might help me sell it to teachers if they see it alleviates some required grading for everyone too.

Thank you!