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Strategies for Faculty Gradebook Buy-in

Question asked by Emily Frank on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Joe Montuori

Currently at our institution we've gotten past the initial migration to Canvas from Angel successfully and now we're dealing with a new issue!  We want to try to get as many faculty as possible using the Canvas gradebook to calculate their final grades for students! We've found that a lot of faculty (who didn't use Canvas previously) are now starting to post some assignments and collect and grade some assignments, but there is still a huge gap with those who have setup the gradebook to calculate final grades and many still do this step by hand.  Is there a way you've found to attempt to convince faculty that we can trust the Canvs gradebook to function correctly and calculate the grades for students?  Hold more workshops?  Create more demo courses?  Go door to door trying to get their buy in?  Please any advice you can give would be helpful!