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Can quiz answers be downloaded by letter rather than answer text?

Question asked by Eric Hudson on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by Eric Hudson

I have a quiz that I need to do some special grading on (if they answered a for 1 and c for 2 then they get X pts, but b for ...). When I export the "Student Analysis" report (CSV) the student responses come in as the text of the answer. This is a pain because (1) the answers often have special characters in them that are difficult to decipher/distinguish when I open in Excel and (2) Excel mangles the results because it tries to interpret them as dates/formulae etc. 


Is there any way to just get the student responses as the response letter/number they chose rather than the text of the answer? This would make it so much easier to analyze the file.





PS  Yes, I know that I could import the CSV into excel rather than just opening it and tell excel to read everything as text so that it doesn't reformat it. And yes I could figure out what the answers are for each question (once they've been converted to weird characters in the CSV file) and then write a lookup conversion in excel to make this a,b,c... or 1,2,3... output. Having started down this path and realizing what a pain it was I was hoping that there was an easier way.  Thanks!