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Auto-Updating Course

Question asked by Kevin Wright on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by Kevin Wright

Good morning,


I work for a small non-profit who started out on and grew to a point where we used our own instance of Canvas. Now on we had two log-ins. Call them 'A' and 'B'. And so 'A' was our master version, and when we went into make changes to 'A' it was automatically pushed into 'B'.


So that leads into my question,


Now that we have our own instance of Canvas, say that we have a course 'C' and a copy of course 'C' called course 'cC'. Once we have created course 'cC' we can still update course 'C', but the problem is that these changes, as far as I know, cannot be carried over into course 'cC'.


Is this correct, and if it's not how can I link 'C' to 'cC' so that the course can be automatically updated without having to push it through to Canvas Commons.