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Canvas iOS iPad app problem

Question asked by Denise Reilley on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Victor Wang

Last month there was an update to the Canvas app for the iPad. Since then, I am unable to login. I have used this canvas app for one year without a problem. When I launch the app, the screen keeps flashing with a message the reads: "Your session has expired or has been removed by the server. Please login again." It has a Dismiss button but when I try to press it the screen flashes between my login screen and this message (repeatedly). I am attaching the video because it is hard to explain.

I tried deleting the app, reinstalling the app, and rebooting my iPad. I am running iOS 10.2. One other note, I am running iOS 10.2 on my iPhone and the app works fine.

Can someone please help? I use my iPad to teach at two different colleges and the semester started for one and it is really causing a problem with my access to my classes.