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For "Message Students Who...", do External Tools set a Submission Flag?

Question asked by Glen Parker on Jan 17, 2017
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Here's my scenario.   I have an Assignment set as an external tool using one of Pearson's MyLab products.   The assignment is set to receive grades from Pearson manually when I sync my course with Pearson.   The Gradebook appears to populate properly.   My assignment is worth 1 point in Canvas, and on Sync, students that completed the assignment show with 1 point, while those that have not completed teh Pearson assignments remain as 'blank' in the Canvas Gradebook.


Now, when I go to Message Students Who, if I choose "Haven't Submitted Yet", I get the entire course listed, while if I choose "Haven't been Graded", I get just the students that do not have '1's in the column.  


Is there a separate "submissions" flag that is independent from the score, is this flag unique to External Tool Assignments?   Is there a way via Pearson's sync mechanism that they can set the Submitted flag along with setting a grade, so as to avoid this confusion?