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View grades by semester in year long course?

Question asked by on Jan 19, 2017
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How can we have Canvas allow grading (separately) by semester in a year-long class, without making 2 separate courses for this purpose?  I created a new set of Grading Periods and defined the dates for semester 1 and semester 2 for the district.  Prior to this year, we graded by the quarter, and teachers could view grades by these defined quarters/dates; now we do not see a view option for any terms/semesters. Canvas is only showing students' "running total" for the class as a single, year-long grading term.  We need to close out our grade books for semester 1 and start fresh for semester 2  - while still allowing teachers to switch their view between semesters.  The old Grading Periods (defined by quarters) still exists but is no longer a view option after creating defined semesters.  Do I need to remove this other Grading Period from the district?