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How do I make a quiz show up in the To-Do List to be manually graded?

Question asked by Andrew Gehman on Jan 23, 2017
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There are two issues that I am currently having.  First issue, I had created an assignment that was a File Upload.  I had been receiving "notifications" on the To-Do List on the course Home page for the submissions until they just stopped showing up one day.  I have no idea why they no longer appear on the Home page, so I have had to go to the Student Interaction Report to see ungraded assignments to see if anyone recently submitted it.  How do I get this to show back up on my Home page as something that needs to be graded?


Second issue, I created a quiz that had a Multiple-Fill-in-the-blank question in it.  I was thinking that this would show up on the To-Do List to be manually graded since students could put options in that were correct, but not spelled correctly (or have some other issue).  Unfortunately, I have had three students work ahead and SpeedGrader auto-graded them without giving me any sort of notification.  Is there any way that I can have the submissions be required to be manually graded (and show up on my Home page like my other submissions)?