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Course start and end dates

Question asked by Kirsten Ryall on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by awilliams

Canvas 101 question follows.  Apart from student participation in a course, what impact do course start and end dates have?  I ask because we have a business rule that all courses imported into Canvas from our CRM must have the start and end date fields populated.  At this stage the only effect it seems to be having is the date that students can access the course if it is published, and the date that the course automatically becomes read only.  From my research so far, it does not impact on anything else - due dates, calendar dates etc.  It is just student participation access, and the 'state' of the course.


I ask because we are considering removing these dates from the import process, and leaving them blank, but I want to understand what impact this may have first.  Please enlighten me.