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How do we overwrite historical/active SIS IDs

Question asked by Troy McComas on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by Troy McComas

I have a task runner that adds/updates Canvas from our SIS (we use Jenzabar).


I noted on one specific user that they were not being added into Canvas, and bombed out via the API (SIS already exists).


I tried to utilize the SIS Import tool, as recommended by Canvas, and it did allow the user to be added, but it merely added a new Login under an existing user with the Jenzabar ID.


To elaborate, what happened is this:

We have a couple students named Matthew Hall. Matthew Hall (2) was added manually and then it was realized that the IDs were wrong, and that it was Matthew Hall (1) that we wanted to add (he's a professor). So I created a logiin for Matthew Hall (1) with the correct Jenzabar SIS ID, and then removed the Matthew Hall (2) login.


Well, as a result, Matthew Hall (2) was never created as an actual User because its saying that the SIS ID already exists. I searched for it under Users, and it does not exist.


So, when we use the API to add Matthew Hall (2), he can't get added because "SIS already exists" (and manually as well).


But, when we use the SIS Import tool, it adds Matthew Hall (2), but merely as a new Login under the User Matthew Hall (1).


I hope this makes sense. In a nutshell, we need to be able to overwrite/permenantly remove historical/active SIS IDs.


This is a high priority for us, and so we thank you in advance.