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Student states couldn't submit assignment

Question asked by Christine Kozlowski on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by Gretta Rogne

I received a panic email from a student who stated:

"I tried taking the quiz and submitting my discussion yesterday and Canvas wouldn't let me?  It would just refresh the page every time I pressed submit."


The assignment was set to close at 11:59pm.

I looked at her stats and it shows she looked at the assignments at 11:33 and 11:37pm.    It also showed she was there at 8:40pm.

Giving the student the benefit of the doubt- what would cause her assignment to not submit and refresh instead?  If she was taking a quiz and it timed out- would the answers she already input be saved?  There is nothing on either the quiz or discussion assignment that indicates this student attempted a submission.

If she was using a tablet vs a computer, would that cause an issue?

This is the first time with Canvas I've had this complaint and she's submitted assignments in the past without difficulty.


Thank you for any input!!