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To Redshift or Not to Redshift... that is my question

Question asked by Robert Clifford on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by James Jones

Greetings Canvas Data Community,


Our online HS is exploring its options for setting up a data warehouse for the purpose of housing data from the Canvas Data Portal in addition to some other sources (survey results, student performance data from 3rd party tools). We currently have a small community of canvas users (~100 students and staff) but are anticipating significant future growth.


I'm curious to hear thoughts from those who are ahead of us in this process...


What do you see as the pros, cons and considerations when deciding to opt in to use Redshift via Instructure vs. choosing a different path (MS Azure SQL, Cloud SQL, MySQL, on-prem solutions, etc.)?


I am generally more experienced in report building using an existing RDBMS, as opposed to setting up the warehouse itself.


All advice from the data trailblazers before me is appreciated!


Rob Clifford