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Submitting Images Best Practice

Discussion created by steve simpson on Jan 27, 2017
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I am running an AVID course and want a better way for students to take and submit images from a chromebook in assignments.  Here is the basic problem we are running into: 


At the end of the Tutorial, each student needs to quickly take a picture of their notes and submit them as an assignment.  The text editor does not allow images to be copied into it, and neither does it allow for images to be added from the camera (just from Canvas, flickr, or URL), so that way is out.  The media upload only allows audio and video, so that's out (taking a one second video of a sheet of notes is not an option-as we've tried).  The Google Drive option requires so many clicks and steps that is out.  


Barring a request for feature idea, does anybody have a solution?  Right now, I've settled on two options.


1. Students open a google docs, insert image, press snapshot and submit the google file from google drive after authorizing drive.  This has the advantage of keeping the annotation tools in speedgrader

2. Use the google cloud doc LTI (but students still need to open the document in a new tab because the photo uploader doesn't work within the LTI embedded environment).  This has the advantage of a submit button, but lacks the annotation tools in speedgrader.  


Both of these options are workarounds for a seemingly simple task.  



I would love to have the media tab include images, which seems like a real design oversight.