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Expectations for Sent Message in Conversations

Question asked by Valerie Rake on Jan 30, 2017
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I looked through the Community for this information, but am not finding anything.  It may be that I just don't know the words to search for.


I have an instructor who is using Inbox to communicate with her students. She does not believe the messages are actually being sent. She also does not feel like she can reply to a Conversation notification from her regular email (Outlook web-client) and have the message actually get back to the student.


It does appear true that outbound messages are not showing up consistently in the Sent area.

The person is a very hesitant, unconfident computer user, so it is hard to know over the phone what she is actually doing. We had an ally sit down with her, but that did not reveal anything unusual.


Initially, we had to help her set her notifications to receive Conversations started by her. We also helped add her alternate email address to her profile. She now feels like she is sometimes getting the copy of the Conversations she started, but sometimes not.

I am trying to sort out whether she is correct and there is a problem with her account, or if her expectations are off-base.  




She has 3 courses, each with around 200 students. She is (I believe) using the option to send individual messages.  How much time might be expected to pass before the outbound messages show up in the Sent area in Inbox?  This happens almost immediately when I send test messages, but none of my courses are that large.  I don't know if course size matters.


Is there some other reason her messages would not be sent?  Some known trick or quirk that I'm not yet aware of?  She almost always includes an attachment; I gather those cannot be included in replies, but I had not thought that was a problem with messages initiated in Canvas.  (Yes, I know, she should just be referring her students to a file in the course, but... One step at a time.)


I saw a feature request or something that indicated that when a someone replies to a conversation, the message moves from the Sent area.  Where does the sent message go?  Does it get linked with the repy in the Inbox area?  Presumably, if 1 student out of 200 replies, only the 1 message moves out of Sent?

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Both this user and another person have reported issues not being able to reply consistently to Canvas notifications from their email client.  


Other than not having the sending email in one's profile or including an attachment, are there things that prevent people from being able to reply from their regular email?  


Both of the cases in my queue right now have an email alias in effect (for example, they have their official university email address but can also receive email at an older departmental address; the older address is mapped to the official address).  Both addresses are in the user's Canvas profile.