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Gradebook column containing a user_id

Question asked by Gerald Q. Maguire on Jan 29, 2017

Is there a way to have a column in a gradebook that contains a user ID, other that the column whose data leads to the columns labelled "Student name" and "Secondary ID"?


My goal is to be able to have a column of Examiners and Supervisors, where I can store the user_id for the respective examiner or supervisor for a specific student. I would like to have this user_id rendered when viewing the gradebook as a name - in the same way that the student's name is rendered from the student's user_id.


Storing the user_id rather than the name is so that (1) one can ensure consistency, and (2) future workflows can be automated.



For several different courses, there are 30 or more different teachers involved in one or more roles. These roles include being an examiner (a person who sets the student's final grade) and a supervisor (a person who helps provide academic guidance to the student during the course). The students are doing the course either individually or as a group of two students.


Currently, I am planning to use create sections (for each person who is an examiner or supervisor). Then each student is assigned to two sections (one for their examiner and one for their supervisor). In this way, a given teacher (who can have either role) can select a view in the gradebook and see only those students that they have in either of their roles.