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Can the calendar from my Etudes classes be imported to show scheduled events and due dates on my canvas calendar?

Question asked by Christi Mile on Jan 30, 2017
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   I love the canvas calendar! I'm very visual so the color coding of my classes and buttons for the type of assignments is perfect. I actually used to take the time to write everything with colored pens into a calendar which is time-consuming, annoying, and subject to human error.

   The problem is that my school is just now making the switch from Etudes to canvas so half my classes are on one site and half on the other. The Etudes site has a calendar in the dashboard that has upcoming events and due dates scheduled and it automatically updates too, but it's tiny, has no color, and only shows anything if you hover or click on the days. I never bother with it.

     I'm really hoping there's some way to link them so my Etudes info can show up on the canvas calendar and I don't have to add every single thing from those classes myself. 



*I already tried going around this by adding the feed to a google calendar but lost the color coding and assignment symbols which is the whole reason I want to use it